Gift/Loyalty Card Processing

ClearPay Minnesota Gift / Loyalty Cards

Gift Card Acceptance

Everyone loves money, and gift cards are just that. But they are also a great way to boost your bottom line with a quick cash infusion.

Set yourself apart and increase profits by offering gift cards or loyalty cards to your customers. Start a gift card program with ClearPay Minnesota today and enjoy the benefits of creating a community of happy customers.

That’s not all:

  • Gift card recipients frequently become new customers.
  • Not all gift cards end up getting redeemed – that’s just like finding money.
  • Gift card recipients often spend more than the face value of the card.

We make starting a gift card program easy! All gift card transactions are handled by a regular credit card processing terminal, which makes implementing and tracking a breeze. What’s more, these cards can only be used at YOUR store.

And all of our merchant gift card programs are backed by superior service and dedicated support .

Loyalty Programs

As you know, it’s easier keeping a current customer than finding a new one. A loyalty can help you retain your customers and have them coming back time and again. Once the exclusive domain of large corporations, ClearPay Minnesota has evened the playing field by offering businesess of all sizes the opportunity to increase their revenues and improve public perception through our customized merchant account loyalty programs.

Starting a loyalty program with ClearPay Minnesota is easy, and we’ll customize the program to your exact business profile. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the details; we’ll handle all the tracking and accounting of these revenue-generating tools.

Turn casual customers into regular customers with a ClearPay Minnesota loyalty program.

  • Attract new customers
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Increase purchase expenditures
  • Capture customer purchase data
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