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ClearPay Minnesota ATM Solutions

Customers like cash, too. If you have an on-site ATM, not only can your customers withdraw money to make purchases at your store, but you’ll earn additional revenue each time a withdrawal is made. In fact, just having the “ATM” sign at your business can draw in new clients - clients who now have cash in hand to spend at your store. There is minimal investment and a small footprint with potentially great returns. This is our Money Machine program.

By partnering with ClearPay Minnesota and its Money Machine division, your ATM installation, training and customer support are all taken care of.

Beyond the benefits of partnering with ClearPay Minnesota, consider these advantages:

  • Well-lit, secure place for customers to withdraw cash
  • Safe and easy way for you to circulate available cash
  • Reduce the amount of cash kept in the register
  • Fewer trips to the bank for deposits

You’ll soon find that profits from your ATM will truly make it a money machine!

Whatever your merchant ATM services needs might be, we have a safe and secure solution, backed by superior service and dedicated support.

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