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ClearPay CPX Series

CPX 5100 leads the way with unprecedented performance and features with the reliability. Flexible connectivity options including Dial-Up, Ethernet and GPRS, uncompromising security and contactless payment options. Don’t risk your business on an unreliable countertop device. Invest in your future today.

Verifone Terminals

With an exceptionally readable display, it combines superior speed and power in order to offer quick and reliable payment processing via several connectivity options. It has ample memory to support a wide range of value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions.

Hypercom Terminals

Hypercom has everything a merchant needs, nothing they don’t. Existing certified business applications are compatible without any modifications.

First Data FD Series Credit Card Terminal

FD terminals are an affordable all-in-one terminal solution that combines performance, security, reliability and ease of use into a low-cost, feature-rich device.

Nurit Terminals

Nurit’s are an all-in-one payment device supporting a range of applications on one secure multi-application platform. Exceptionally secure and reliable, it includes an internal PIN pad, high speed modem, a quiet, fast thermal printer, magnetic card reader, smart card reader and privacy shield.

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