Virtual Payment Processing

ClearPay Minnesota Virtual Solutions

In order for your internet-based business to thrive, you need to be able to accept many forms of payments and turn those transactions over quickly. We can help. With the latest technologies and famous round-the-clock technical support, you’ll be giving your customers fast, easy payment processing that will facilitate sales and have them coming back for more. No snags. Just sales.

And those sales are certain to be PCI-compliant with our professional processing programs.

ClearPay gives you the ability to:

  • Accept all major credit & debit cards, electronic checks, and gift cards
  • Hold Internet auctions
  • Receive payments deposited automatically the next day
  • Monitor payments through your website
  • Prevent fraud with value-added products and built-in security tools
  • Manage risks by storing sensitive data on a PCI-compliant data center instead of your computer

Save Money, Time, and Eliminate Headaches 

Our cloud-based payment-processing platform can make running your business easier. How? Our menu of virtual services allows you the flexibility to choose exactly the combination of services that you need - nothing more, nothing less. And with no terminal to worry about, agents in the field can all be processed through a single connection. And with our added reporting and tracking, you can stay on top of all your sales - both inside and outside your office. 

Here are some added feature that our virtual payment solutions offer.

  • Attachable card readers. With our card readers, you can accept payment anywhere there is a cell phone connection. 
  • Mobile wireless ad-on. Now anyone in the field can process credit card payments, with or without a reader. 
  • Recurring billing. We can help you set up regular, recurring billing schedules. 
  • Invoicing. With the touch of a button you can create, store, and send invoices. 
  • Quickbooks integration. Your accounting will be streamlined with our Quickbooks integration. 
  • ACH ability. If you need to process large volumes of purchases, we have you covered. 
  • Built-in security and compliance. You don't have to worry about the integrity of your software or hardware. We take care of all the details for you. 
  • Multiple users. We can create a solution so that you have a single account with multiple users.

How Flexible Is Your Business? 

At ClearPay, we work hard to simplify and streamline your business - and that translates into lower costs. Call us today and find out how ClearPay's innovative solutions can transform your business.

Contact a ClearPay Minnesota representative today at (800) 306-8457