Service Payment Solutions

ClearPay Minnesota Service Solutions

Safe, efficient, inexpensive payment processing helps keep your business up and running - regardless of where you are. Today’s service industry might find you working from home, a customer’s office, or across the country at a presentation or trade show. While you might think that being so mobile would restrict your payment processing options, right? Not with ClearPay Minnesota. Our wireless point-of-sale terminals allow you and your business to accept payments anywhere.

Here’s what you can do with ClearPay Minnesota :

  • Accept all major credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and checks
  • Process payments in real time
  • Issue customer credits instantly
  • Void transactions safely and thoroughly
  • View transactions online

But what about areas that don’t have coverage? No problem! The unique Store & Forward capabilities on our wireless terminals allow you to still swipe the card even if you’re not getting service. The terminal will store the card info until you’re back in a service area and you’ll still get the swiped rate.

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