Restaurant Payment Solutions

ClearPay Minnesota Restaurant Solutions

Successful restaurants need to be able to process all kinds of payment methods. With ClearPay Minnesota, you’ll be able to accept more than just credit cards, including debit cards, electronic checks, and gift and loyalty cards. With ClearPay Minnesota, your customers will be hungry for more.

When you partner with ClearPay Minnesota, you can:

  • Add tips after the transaction has been authorized
  • Allow customers to keep a running tab
  • Separate a single bill among multiple credit cards
  • Use a name or tracking number to track all transactions
  • Combine the bar tab with the dinner bill for one simple transaction
  • Utilize wireless terminals for curbside pickup or deliveries

Quick-Serve Restaurants

It doesn’t matter how fast your service is if your credit card processing is slow. With ClearPay Minnesota, you’ll enjoy fast connections, instant approvals, and even no-signature-required approvals.

Fast-Casual Restaurants

The casual should refer to your ambiance, not your payment processing. With ClearPay Minnesota, you’ll have the speed you need to generate repeat customer traffic. Even if you serve traditional meals, your credit card processing should be cutting edge.

Full-Service Restaurants

Don’t let the magic of the dining experience at your full-service restaurant be tarnished by poor payment processing. It doesn’t matter if you run a casual diner, or a fine-dining establishment, you want your guests to have a great experience from the moment they enter the restaurant until they’ve paid the bill. WIth ClearPay Minnesota, you won’t have to worry about your credit card processing system: we’ll take care of all the details to ensure that payment is fast, secure, and easy.

Become one of the thousands of restauranteurs in the know: partnering with ClearPay Minnesota is the recipe for success. It doesn’t matter if you run a small cafe, a high-end trattoria, or a chain of restaurants. ClearPay Minnesota offers custom solutions, expert staff, and unmatched customer service to make sure your payment processing is flawless. 

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