On demand buying is real, and it’s catching up to unprepared businesses. SMBs, entrepreneurs and small shops with immediate payment options are thriving, and it’s largely due to the modern customer’s need for quick, easy purchasing options. In 2017, it pays off to understand the customer’s mindset. We’re jumping into the thought process behind the pay-quick-and-go trend, helping you establish a lighting-quick experience for your customers.


The Number of Payment Options Matters


At the base level, customers want variety in their payment options. In fact, about 56 percent of customers expect several payment options before checking out. While hosting multiple payment options might seem unnecessary at first, maintaining a solid quick pay strategy is a surefire way to land customer purchases.


No Account Sign-Ups


As the world of retail, online shopping and subscription-based purchasing options expands, digital sign-ups are becoming popular. Unfortunately, customers aren’t always keen on digital sign-ups. Quick pay options offer the ease of accessibility as other sign-up options, but their abolished need for subscription-based purchases has become incredibly popular.


Simplicity and Seamlessness


In 2017, a seamless payment interface is preferred. While online payment providers might deliver frontend, ready-made purchasing options, few payment platforms compare to a fast-paced point-of-sale installation.


Text Message Accessibility


SMS payments, too, have turned customer heads. While fully integrated text message payment plans are either growing or half-developed, the future of SMS-based payments look bright. As providers like Amazon develop pick-up-and-go shops focusing on digital mobile wallets, payment plans derived from text messages are becoming favored.


The “Must Have” Mindset


Sometimes, a product is in high demand. The quickness of customers is incomparable, and they’re looking for fast payment options to accommodate them. Some companies have paid thousands of dollars to support quick-pay options supporting these products. Fortunately, point of sale technology has come a long way. You needn’t throw down an entire bank account to accommodate the buyer’s mentality.


Less Hassle


At the end of the day, customers will flock to payment options which reduce the clutter of long-form hassles. When it comes to digital payments, buyers are sick of online scams, checkout lags and complex payment methods.


Fast pay options can make your entire sales platform seamless, prioritizing the customer’s time over all else. From a buyer’s standpoint, companies able to make purchases easy deserve to succeed. Raise your brand’s awareness by keeping things simple, and be one of the first companies to offer astounding solutions at the click of a button.