Every business in each industry sector has specific needs when it comes to credit card processing, debit/EBT purchases, wireless/mobile payments, and the processing of checks/ACH transactions. The needs may also include support services, such as point of sale (POS) terminals, software, ATMs, and security monitoring. 

Clearpay Minnesota offers all these options and more including gift/loyalty programs to retain good customers. Clearpay Minnesota offers cash advances to business owners, which are easy to apply for and have fast approval that is secured by the company's credit card transaction volume.

Clearpay Minnesota is a full-service organization with a great deal of specific, industry-related experience, which comes from being one of the top payment processing service providers in the country.

Benefits of Working with Clearpay Minnesota

Here are some of the benefits of working with Clearpay Minnesota, if your business is in one of these industry sectors:

Retail Merchants

In many retail businesses, transaction volume may be high and authorizations for credit and debit card transactions need to be super fast. The last thing a merchant wants is for its customers to be waiting in line due to slow transaction approvals.

For example, in a busy grocery store, moving each customer through the line just 30 seconds faster, creates a significant impact on profits. If that register processes 100 customers per day, by saving thirty seconds for each one, this is equivalent to 50 minutes more of sales each day.

Clearpay Minnesota uses the most advanced point of sale (POS) equipment that can be either a standalone system or integrated into a network. Transaction approvals are lightning fast!


Restaurants are unique in that they need to be able to be flexible in how they handle complex transactions. Typical needs are being able to run a tab, combine a bar bill with a dinner bill into a single transaction, adding a tip after the transaction has been authorized, charging a portion of the bill to different credit cards, and utilizing wireless terminals for curbside pickup or deliveries. 

Clearpay Minnesota understands the restaurant business extremely well. It does not matter if the restaurant is a small cafe' or part of a large national chain. Clearpay Minnesota has the perfect solutions, including no-signature required transactions for fast food operations.

Petroleum Companies

At gas stations, customers want to get in and out fast. Maybe buy a snack or a soft drink, but they get extremely frustrated if they are forced to wait in line, so everything should be self-serve, when it comes to paying the bill, as much as possible. Swipe the card or put an electronic key fob next to the capture device and go! Transaction speed is essential to maximize profits in this business sector.



These are just a few examples of the Clearpay Minnesota industry specific solutions. We have many other solutions for service businesses, hospitality companies, government agencies (local, state and federal), eCommerce/Virtual transactions, and excellent B2B solutions.

It all starts with a free assessment to determine where improvements can be made for your business. Contact Clearpay today for your free assessment.